Getting around Venice

Vaporetto on the Grand Canal The first thing that you'll notice is the complete absence of cars. Wonderful!

However you will need to allow more time to get anywhere as public water transport is not as fast as a motor vehicle. Depending on where you are going in Venice, walking is often the faster option.

Having said that, the ACTV vaporetto (water bus) service is both reliable and regular. And, since you are not on your way to work, it is a romantic and memorable way to travel. Check out the timetables and routes at the Palanca or Redentore vaporetto stops on Giudecca, or get an ACTV timetable booklet at Piazzale Roma.

Prices and Ticket Options

Vaporetti on the Grand CanalEven if you are only in Venice for a few days, single vaporetto tickets (7 euros per any single journey up to 60 minutes from boarding) can be relatively expensive, so by far your best options are the various all-inclusive time-based tickets - ie. travelcards.

These give you completely unrestricted use of all the vaporetto routes and local mainland buses, for as many journeys as you wish to make, including those to the other lagoon islands, including Murano and Burano, and the Lido. This is a great way to see Venice in its own element, especially along the Grand Canal. Travelcards do not include the bus to and from Marco Polo airport.

For Short Stays - of up to a week :

  •  a single journey of up to one hour for 7 euros
  •  a one day (12 hour) all-inclusive travelcard for 18 euros
  •  a 24 hour all-inclusive travelcard for 20 euros
  •  a 36 hour all-inclusive travelcard for 25 euros
  •  a two day (48 hour) all-inclusive travelcard for 30 euros
  •  a three day (72 hour) all-inclusive travelcard for 35 euros
  •  a seven day all-inclusive travelcard for 50 euros.
  • you can see the latest fare tariffs and ticket options at
  • Venice Council have now launched a new one-stop website - for pre-booking travel cards and tourism tickets around the city. You can buy your 3 day or 7 day travelcards here.

Vaporetto StopAll-inclusive tickets (not pre-booked) can be bought once in Venice at the ACTV desk in the airport (Marco Polo), or, on Giudecca, at the tobacconist or newsagent near the Palanca vaporetto stop, or at any of the main tourist vaporetto stops such as Piazzale Roma, Ferrovia, Rialto, Vallaresso (St Mark's Square), San Zaccaria(St Mark's Square) and Zattere (daytime only). These tickets run from the time you first validate/use them. 

  •   Be sure to validate your single journey tickets ( and your one or three day tickets every time that you use them) at the machine next to each vaporetto stop before you go aboard, as the ticket is not valid without this and you can incur a fine for not doing so.

If you are arriving by bus or coach via Piazzale Roma you can also buy your travelcards here. If you are arriving by taxi or water taxi from the airport then you can buy or collect travelcards from the ACTV office in the arrivals hall (closes after 9pm). 

Avoiding Penalties

If you board a vaporetto without a ticket you face a 44 euros fine on the spot if you are found out (plus the ticket price).

To avoid this happening ask the conductor for a single fare ticket after you board -  1.50 euros between Palanca and Zattere rising to 7 euros for several stops.

Tickets are inspected quite frequently, both on board by travelling inspectors and as you board at the main tourist stops, especially at Rialto.